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License Akaibu Evolve software for your email migration

Simple, rapid, responsive and reliable. Whatever your requirements, the platform uses our powerful migration engine to ensure compliance, scalability and performance.

  • Quick on-boarding, low training requirements and rapid projects

  • Preserves chain-of-custody with 1-step moves & full auditing

  • Ensures seamless experiences for end users through advanced shortcut handling

  • Handles high complexity & high volumes

  • Lets you perform selective migrations based on a range of criteria

  • Proven in 100’s of archive migration projects

  • Available across the globe – contact us for your nearest reseller

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Key Challenges Evolve Can Solve For You

Project does not allow only a sub-set of data to be processed. Is it all or nothing? 2017-05-24T21:33:42+00:00

Intelligent migration based on filtering is also available depending on Source.

Lack of reporting information. 2017-06-22T21:37:31+00:00

Evolve uses SSRS and whilst has good reporting capability from the outset, is also highly configurable. This gives a level of granularity not always available in other platforms.

Lack of flexibility for config or custom. Each migration has its own unique fingerprint. 80-95% of migrations are typically completed through simple configuration out of the box. The pilot and small custom components then take care of the rest (eg, specifying which folders messages will be migrated to). 2017-05-24T21:31:48+00:00

All items are configurable. Customization is simple and quick.

Latency and connectivity need to be robust depending on approach and type of deployment. 2017-05-24T21:30:11+00:00

We expect there to be a few bumps in the road and Evolve’s “Single Commit” architecture helps here too. If connectivity drops, Evolve pauses and moves on to the next job it can process in the schedule.

Setting the migration pathway and access to accounts often requires permissions that the team may not be comfortable providing. A migration tool often needs access to administrator accounts because of the overall nature of the task at hand. 2017-05-24T21:29:30+00:00

All credentials are carefully managed and re-use of other pass through credentials is made where possible.

Pre-Migration analysis can take time and is normally ignored by vendors when quoting speed figures. 2017-06-22T21:15:08+00:00

Evolve avoids a protracted initial phase. It breaks each small migration job into pieces so analysis of each mailbox is completed faster. This enables the process to begin sooner which means the project can move forward quicker. This is important for stakeholder visibility and reporting – especially on the larger projects where a more immediate “let’s get going” approach is required.

Working in sync with the client’s infrastructure team and approach (backup and maintenance windows etc). 2017-05-24T21:28:09+00:00

Job Scheduler is invaluable for working around backup and maintenance windows and fitting in to the right overall operational and delivery schedule.

The Platform and Operational team needs to operate in all conditions and be responsive. 2017-05-24T21:27:32+00:00

22 x 5 and 12 x 2 Support for delivery means we are always on hand to provide assistance.

The batching process is too hard. Not easy to manage. 2017-06-22T21:55:28+00:00

Users are automatically mapped from AD with suggested mappings linking source and target users quickly and easily.

Cost is always a factor. Relative value needs to be measurable over a DIY approach. 2017-05-24T21:25:43+00:00

Costs are based on per TB or per user depending on which is more beneficial to client. Flexibility over type of delivery also ensures fit to budget. We are often told that we offer the most compelling commercial proposition when a broad view of the market is taken.

Batched or single commit for roll-back protection. 2017-05-24T21:25:04+00:00

Evolve takes an item-by-item approach to maintain chain of custody, reduce risk, and start faster. It does not do a complete scan of all data, rather, scanning each individual archive then starting the process of moving as soon as the individual archive has been reviewed.

Some applications only focus on one type of migration and lack sufficient flexibility. 2017-05-24T21:23:09+00:00

Evolve is capable of one-one / many-one migrations and is not bound by just one type of source platform. There are a number of projects with EAS, EV, PST, EmailXtender data from different sources all migrating to the same target in parallel.

Some providers only enable migration via PST. This can be slower, more difficult to manage and less successful overall. 2017-05-24T21:22:09+00:00

Evolve enables both direct and indirect migration to ensure maximum flexibility and control by the users.

Poor hardware performance on the source will slow the throughput of the migration 2017-06-22T21:54:42+00:00

Evolve requirements are flexible, hardware can be virtual or physical as well. As long as resources are dedicated, it does not impact the delivery.

Takes Too Long. Speed and throughput is critical. 2017-06-22T22:15:59+00:00

Evolve has a fully Scalable Architecture that has been designed to leverage the full capacity of the source system (normally the bottle-neck). Migration jobs are simply queued against the resources of the Evolve application and SQL server. The amount of threads that can be run is only limited by the resources on the servers, until either the source server cannot give any more data, or the application server starts to reach its maximum throughput before slowing down.

Users shortcuts end up all over the place. There may be confusion for users about what will be migrated. Do they actually need them? 2017-05-24T20:57:53+00:00

Shortcuts can be consolidated, moved, or removed depending on the user experience required.

When comparing solutions with or without a chain of custody, the throughput is different. 2017-06-22T22:17:12+00:00

For Evolve, speed cannot be sacrificed for certainty, auditability and control. Each individual move is tracked through SQL on a single “item-by-item” commit approach. This ensures seamless migration and full rollback should any issues arise. It also provides legal defensibility over the process, and gives comfort that source data is not amended in any way – preserving a chain of custody for compliance and regulatory purposes.

Message itemization and consolidation. 2017-06-22T22:17:38+00:00

MD5# and algorithms for message evaluation to identify unique messages. Quick and easy reports available to demonstrate the audit trail.

All migrations will inevitably face a small number of corrupt items. How are they tracked, located and remediated? 2017-06-22T22:19:16+00:00

In comparative against competitive platforms, Akaibu has performed with fewer corrupt messages and increased shortcut conversion. There were also speed improvements in starting the pilot or production phase, and then on an ongoing basis.