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Evolve for Google Gmail

If you need to move data in or out of Gmail – Akaibu have the tool for you!

Evolve now has the capability to move data to and from Corporate Gmail. Evolve can be connected to Google Apps Vault or the now outdated Postini archiving  product. The latest edition to the Evolve platform comes with all the brilliant features that have made it a market leading archive migration tool.

Evolve for Google Gmail comes with the following features:

  • Scalable architecture that allows throughput to be as fast as the project needs to go

  • Comprehensive reporting  for proving the  full chain of custody

  • Full control over shortcuts. With the ability to move, update or delete them as required

  • Work scheduler feature allows you to “set and forget” the migration to work around backup and maintenance windows

  • Attractive commercial terms means to most cost effective archive migration on the market

  • Ability to move data to a number of leading archiving solutions