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There are many reasons why your organization need mailboxes migrated.

Let Akaibu Evolve help you achieve your organization's goals without losing important emails on the way.

Migrate your emails with Akaibu Evolve

Whether it be moving onto new email service provider, upgrade, or in the event of a company acquisition or merger, your business does not stop running – and so shouldn’t your emails.

Akaibu Evolve is designed to deliver minimal interruption during a migration, not to mention maximum performance and reliability. Large data migration projects can be carried out securely, invisible to the rest of the business and using a fully audited process that flags any consistency errors for further investigation.

Why Akaibu Evolve?

  • Scalable architecture that allows throughput to be as fast as the project needs to go

  • Comprehensive reporting for proving the full chain of custody

  • Full control over shortcuts. With the ability to move, update or delete them as required

  • Work scheduler feature allows you to “set and forget” the migration to work around backup and maintenance windows

  • Attractive commercial terms means to most cost effective archive migration on the market

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