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Evolve for Mimosa/Autonomy Nearpoint

If you are looking to manage, move or migrate your existing, Nearpoint Mimosa archive then Evolve for Mimosa needs to be on your list of tools to consider.

Delivering maximum flexibility and speed with minimal hassle and cost, is safely moves your date ​to the new target location and has been trusted by clients and project teams all over the globe.

Ready for You

      • Schedule the work to take place whenever you like
      • Work around backup windows and holidays quickly and easily
      • Automatically sync users with a  couple of  mouse clicks

Ready to Go

      • Create a migration path from A to B
      • Select the users
      • Tell it when you want to migrate
      • Get going

Safe and Secure

      • Full Chain of Custody is maintained
      • Confidence in your duty of care to stakeholders and shareholders

Cost Effective

      • Flexible commercial terms based on your requirements
      • The first monthly subscription price per user cost on the market
      • You won’t find better value in the market


      • Proven approach and experience
      • Saves you time getting up and running
      • Avoid the pitfalls and get setup in no time at all

If you are looking to migrate your Mimosa data to Office 365, Exchange, Enterprise Vault, Gmail, Mimecast or any other 3rd party archive provider, Evolve is the tool you need.