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Evolve for GFI MailArchiver

If you are looking to migrate your GFI MailArchiver data, Evolve for GFI is a fast and reliable migration tool. You can avoid the inevitable headache and hardships of trying to perform a manual migration. 

Evolve 4 GFI has the critical functionality to quickly and reliably take you either from GFI to another target archive of choice, or to migrate your data into the correct format for GFI to ingest it. As one of Akaibu’s latest development to the Evolve range it comes with all the powerful updated features.

Evolve for GFI MailArchiver has the following benefits:

  • Evolve Automigrator: “Set and forget” scheduling keeps the migration fast and flexible

  • Simplified Deployment Approach: Evolve has a ‘Get-Going’ architecture so you are ready to go from day one

  • Hyper Threaded for Ultimate Speed: Evolve runs has fast as the project is need to go

  • Cost Effective: Evolve is the best value for money solution on the market today

  • Direct Platform Connections: Evolve can directly connect to Symantec, HP, EMC, Dell and many others

  • Full Audit Trail: Peace of mind that every item is track to maintain full chain of custody