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Evolve for EMC

If you currently have one of the EMC family of archiving products (SourceOne and EmailXtender) you may be looking to migrate some or all of it to another platform and this is where we can help.

Evolve 4 EMC is the solution helping clients migrate data quickly and easily from the existing source location to a new location of choice. Avoid the risk and stress of trying to do this manually and we will have you migrated rapidly and securely, with the confidence and the audit trail to prove that everything you had is everything you still want!

Reduces Time to Deployment

      • Proven approach and  experience
      • Saves time
      • Avoid the pitfalls and get setup in no time at all

Reduced Risk

      • Maintain full chain of custody
      • Remain confident in your duty of care to stakeholders and shareholders

Reduced Complexity

      • Select the source and target
      • Setup the migration jobs
      • Get going

Hyper Threading

      • Maximum throughput migrates data at your required speed
      • A platform that scales as far and as fast as you want it to


      • Schedule tasks  to take place when needed
      • Work around backup windows & holidays quickly and easily
      • Automatically sync users with minimal mouse clicks

Full Audit Trail

      • Each item tracked
      • Defensible migration assured
      • Comprehensive reporting

Evolve 4 EMC is fully ready for your move to the cloud.

Evolve has a direct connection to Office 365. If you require to move to a 3rd party cloud based archiving specialist such as Mimecast, we are also set up for that. If you need to move SourceOne or EmailXtender data, Evolve 4 EMC is a platform you can trust.