Akaibu - Enabling safe, quick, and reliable archived data migrations

We are Akaibu, a new software company dedicated to helping organizations move their legacy data archives safely, quickly, and reliably to new archive platforms, storage or applications.

Our flagship product Akaibu Evolve, integrates with Autonomy Zantaz, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Mimecast, Microsoft Exchange, Live Office and other ‘cloud’ archives, to simplify time-consuming migrations.

Migration between archive platforms made simple, safe and affordable

Akaibu Evolve gives you quick project turnarounds with few disruptions, meaning lower total cost of migration and complete surety and compliance. We do this using our proven data-mapping engine that automates the migration process providing full object validation and chain of custody.

Safety and Security built-in

Akaibu Evolve features the ability to bulk transfer user data in the background ahead of data transformation, allowing swift migrations with minimal risk of disruption or data loss. In addition, Smart Workflow features ensure a high degree of fidelity and flexibility.

Migrations that work for you

The comprehensive Akaibu Evolve scheduling features ensure migrations run at times that reduce the impact on user’s day-to-day IT usage. This, along with full in-running statistical analysis, provides complete and accurate measurement of throughput and estimated job durations.

And if you need to rollback…

Because source archives are not altered or deleted during any part of the migration process, the option of full rollback is possible at any point. Also, Akaibu Evolve staging servers can be easily backed up to existing in-house systems so your valuable data is protected at every step.

Want to know more?

Akaibu operates through a network of accredited delivery partners.– Email us at info@akaibu.com for details.